Sometimes we’re all a little less than put together. I call this the HOT MESS collection. Let’s start it off the Bearded Lady. Did you know that you can identify a bear’s gender by how it pees? The ladies pee cleanly out the back, and the dude bears pee all over. Is it safe to assume Bearded Lady is well hydrated by her clear urine? *snort giggles*

Tiny bears are adorable. Tiny POOPING bears somehow reach a whole new level of cuteness.

Does a bear shit in the woods? NOT ALWAYS! We have photographic evidence to prove otherwise.

Perfect timing can catch a bear tongue out and about. I feel like they did this on purpose because they knew I was taking pictures.

Humans have bloopers, too. What can we say? Our bear viewing group gave their own safety talk about how to ride in a float plane. Trucker is modeling the plastic bag.

Nebula, my adorable kitten, tried to stow away with us on our adventure. Nice try, Nebs.

Sometimes you just need to roll in the sand. #bearlife

We’re not entirely sure what the big debate was, but we’re going to pretend that these two bears were having a heated discussion about the best way to cook bacon. Team floppy versus team crispy…….#teamcrispy

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