Why Should I Care About Bears?

Hell Hath Fury (another one of our badass roller derby pals) compiled a list of Alaska happenings during the Summer of 2019.
Here in Alaska:
▪️Our state is on fire
▪️Hottest summer on record, ever
▪️Whales are washing up dead
▪️Mortality events of sea birds on our islands
▪️Entire coastal villages are being moved due to erosion from permafrost melt
▪️Glaciers are disappearing
▪️Ticks are being found this far north due to warming trends
▪️Native Alaskans are speaking of lack of seals and walrus for subsistence due to diminished sea ice
▪️Trees are trying to grow on the tundra
▪️Salmon are suffocating in rivers because the water is too hot for proper oxygenation

McNeil River State Game Sanctuary and the surrounding area is home to many types of wildlife besides just bears. Seals, sea birds, foxes, and eagles are commonly spotted around camp. If you follow the food chain, you’ll realize that salmon are crucial for existence of this dynamic ecosystem. Bears wander in and out of the sanctuary to feast and fish in various rivers. Human disruption to the bears could jeopardize the ability of us to view them safely in their natural habitat, an experience that is worth more than any amount of gold. Changing climate is already affecting many parts of Alaska, and we need to do what we can to protect our creatures before it’s too late.

You’re going to miss them when they’re gone.

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