What is a Glitter GRRL?

What is a Glitter GRRL?

Glitter GRRLs (and of course GUYS) share a sparkly zest for adventure, making the most of life’s experiences. With the heart of a mama bear, they love and protect our beautiful planet. Is adventure calling? ALWAYS. You’ll find them soaking up nature’s essence, fueling their souls, and enriching the spirit. When they are silent, they are wishing they were outside breathing fresh mountain air. They are the joy that makes a snow angel, takes a summit selfie after conquering a mountain hike, or spots some wildlife. Attention to detail, the inter-twined relationships of the flora and fauna, and scientific discovery make them nerd-out with glee. Surrounding themselves with others who share the same appreciation and respect, they thrive on sharing nature and romps through the woods with their wilderness-loving soul-mates. They want to save that perfect outdoor experience forever and call upon it in times of struggle. Feeding the soul with adventure makes their lives whole and gives them a feeling of complete serenity. Giggles, bear jokes, and smiles follow them wherever they go. They follow a trail of stardust that not everyone sees, and will wish upon a twinkling star with sassy honesty. Glitter GRRLs dance to the song of the mid-winter aurora like nobody’s watching and together, with strength, can make a difference. They yearn to spread the glory of nature with others, and also love bears very, very much.

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