Using the Planet With Purpose

In my last post I talked about using our planet in a cleaner more deliberate way. Today I want to talk about how to do that. For the record, these are the things that I do personally. I am asking you, the reader to consider these things, and do what’s right for you. A lot of these things you will have heard before, I’m not re-inventing the wheel here.These things might feel small and insignificant, but if we ALL do some of them, we will change the world, and more importantly SAVE THE BEARS! #glittergrrls #keepalaskawild

Up first – single use plastics
Karen, let’s talk!   STOP USING STRAWS!!!!! Every time you look at a straw I want you to think about a beautiful ancient sea turtle with a straw stuck in it’s nose.  If you must use a straw invest in a re-usable metal one, or buy a package of paper ones, and we will conveniently ignore the fact that the paper straws come in a plastic bag.

Re-usable grocery bags are the greatest thing ever! I have two of these (not sponsored) in my handbag at all times, and I can’t tell you how handy it is to have a bag at the ready no matter what. It’s my #glittergrrls super power!  They are the same size and shape as a plastic grocery bag, they come in ALL the colors, and hold an oddly satisfying amount of food! Purple butterflies are 100% Glitter Grrls approved! We also *LOVE* our tote bag.


Do you use plastic grocery bags for the cat box, or dog poop pick up? Guess what is also plastic? Bread bags, they work great for dog poop. The cat box, brown paper lunch bags work really well.

That entire kitchen drawer that has a multitude of different sized zip top sandwich, snack, and freezer bags, and plastic wrap. All of these single use plastics have alternate options available. It might not be as convenient, but having clean air and water feels fairly convenient too.

Produce bags at the grocery store – why do we even use them?? We wash our produce when we get home, and then cook it. Does it matter if they touch the shopping cart? Let’s be honest, mushrooms are grown in manure, which is poop! Do they really need to be swathed in plastic to protect them? From what? More poop? I haven’t used a produce bag in more than two years, and I’m not dead yet.  If you like things more organized there are re-usable produce bags for sale on-line. Or, if you are like me and Purr’s mom, you can totally knit or crochet your own!

Next up –   Coffee cups and bottled water
Bottled water is so 2008. Let it go. Re-usable water bottle! Or better yet, one mug for all.

I love hot steamy sweet milky chai lattes from coffee carts. What I don’t love, is the  PLASTIC LINED CUPS, and lids. Yes, you heard me, those aren’t 100% paper cups. The easiest solution is to invest in a good go-mug that you can drink coffee / tea, and water from and make it your very best friend.
For those of you who are anxious and feel awkward about interrupting the flow of your barista, I’ve only ever been thanked for bringing my own mug. Even in a busy crowded airport. They totally know.
To encourage myself to carry my go-mug with me everywhere, I have carefully and obsessively curated the canvas that is my go-mug with beautiful stickers. I love my go-mug It’s so pretty!

Side A – Trucker go mug


Side A- Purr’s favorite hydration vessel #GlitterGRRLS

Just because they make new ones each year, does not mean we have to buy them. We all know deep down the next model isn’t that much better than the last.
I will be the first to admit that I LOOOVEEE my phone, my fancy James Bond watch, my ear pod bud things, my tablet with the blue tooth pencil and every drawing app available. I could go on, but it’s getting embarrassing. But here’s the thing. I don’t upgrade, at least not on their schedule. I use my devises until they fall apart, or crash at least twice day day, and even then I’ll wait another week. And, if I suspect that they have been engineered to fail at a specific time – looking at you Bose earbuds that brand is dead to me.

Did you know that Americans constitute 5% of the world’s population but consume 24% of the world’s energy? Source.
We have the power to dramatically reduce that number. Take a shorter shower, shower less – my personal favorite, turn out the lights, put on a sweater and turn down the heat, carpool, take public transit, walk!
Buy things that last. I do a lot of research on this web site (not sponsored) The options really are endless.

I truly believe that if we all take a moment to think about it, if we plan, and commit to making better choices we can make the changes necessary to save the planet, and save the habitats of the animals we love. This is our home we are talking about, our planet. If we make these changes we can stop arguing about it and enjoy it, and most importantly enjoy these toe beans!

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