Bear With Me

Greetings, Bear Lovers! Together we have raised $220 for Friends of McNeil River! I sent the donation today in hopes that they can utilize it for good and defeat the evil industry of greed and planetary destruction.

I still have a goal of raising $500 for them, and if you know me I don’t like losing. I also don’t do anything half-way. *Throws glitter*

Today I would like to announce the launch of the…wait for it…ZIP HOODIE! These are AMERICAN APPAREL so you know they will be high quality. The colors I chose to print are inspired by our trip to McNeil River. If I could name them, they would be Lush Fireweed, Karen the Gray (the famous seagull), Spruced Up Green, Pink Sunrise Glow, Adventure GRRL Purple, and McNeil River Teal.

Giving Tuesday starts early this year! Get your hoodie, support your favorite bears, win/win.

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