As I social distance myself from others like Tina Fey (the bear of course) on the river, I’ve had free time to rekindle my passion for drawing! I enjoy pastels because they are colorful and messy in a fun way. I find the McNeil River bears to be especially thrilling to draw, as I adore them and want to do justice to their likeness.

I’m working on a drawing of Hot Tub Bear right now! I also wanted to share a new fundraiser for Friends of McNeil River. Our Glitter GRRLS logo looks great in white, which prints wonderfully on dark colors. You can pick up some merch over on Bonfire to support the bears!

Do you want to learn more about the bears? Take a bear break from Netflix and watch a short film called Pebble Redux featuring Drew Hamilton from Friends of McNeil River!

It is important to stand up for the bears, salmon, and environment now before it is too late. This fight is far from over, and the bears need your support. Email your representatives to stop the Pebble Mine today!

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