As I social distance myself from others like Tina Fey (the bear of course) on the river, I’ve had free time to rekindle my passion for drawing! I enjoy pastels because they are colorful and messy in a fun way. I find the McNeil River bears to be especially thrilling to draw, as I adoreContinue reading “BEAR ART”

Bear With Me

Greetings, Bear Lovers! Together we have raised $220 for Friends of McNeil River! I sent the donation today in hopes that they can utilize it for good and defeat the evil industry of greed and planetary destruction. I still have a goal of raising $500 for them, and if you know me I don’t likeContinue reading “Bear With Me”

What is a Glitter GRRL?

What is a Glitter GRRL? Glitter GRRLs (and of course GUYS) share a sparkly zest for adventure, making the most of life’s experiences. With the heart of a mama bear, they love and protect our beautiful planet. Is adventure calling? ALWAYS. You’ll find them soaking up nature’s essence, fueling their souls, and enriching the spirit.Continue reading “What is a Glitter GRRL?”

Bears. Salmon. McNeil River, Alaska.

Question: What kind of bear is best? That’s a ridiculous question. The McNeil bear is the coolest kind of bear. Fact: Bears eat salmon. Bears. Salmon. McNeil River, Alaska. Let’s go over a few facts about the proposed Pebble Mine in true Dwight Schrute fashion. The industrial port and road of the Pebble Mine wouldContinue reading “Bears. Salmon. McNeil River, Alaska.”

Adorable Tiny Bears

One morning Trucker was out having her morning tea at the bear overlook at camp. I was walking around camp taking pictures of fireweed in the morning light and dew. I approached the cabin and Trucker was walking towards me with wide eyes making hand signals. She was trying to tell Beth the biologist thatContinue reading “Adorable Tiny Bears”

Why Should I Care About Bears?

Hell Hath Fury (another one of our badass roller derby pals) compiled a list of Alaska happenings during the Summer of 2019. Here in Alaska:▪️Our state is on fire▪️Hottest summer on record, ever▪️Whales are washing up dead▪️Mortality events of sea birds on our islands▪️Entire coastal villages are being moved due to erosion from permafrost melt▪️GlaciersContinue reading “Why Should I Care About Bears?”

Meet the Bears

We have to be careful not to anthropomorphize bears because they are wild creatures after all. The bears, however, have been nicknamed by biologists based on distinguishing features or behaviors. Nicknames make them easier to track and observe their behavior over the years. Each bear has a personality, or shall we say URSAnality of theirContinue reading “Meet the Bears”